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How Do Consumers Feel about Voice Biometric Authentication?

Customer Service rep using voice biometric authentication

Voice biometric authentication trends are showing a positive overall response from consumers. Other types of biometric verification have become commonplace in today’s increasingly digital world. It’s no surprise that call centers and other voice channels are the next major area for adoption of this technology. According to recent research, consumers are eager to accept voice authentication as a convenient and secure way to access their accounts.

Exploring Call Center Authentication Solutions

Call center authentication solutions

Call center authentication solutions vary from old-fashioned methods like KBA (knowledge-based authentication) to OTP (one-time-passwords) and even state-of-the-art voice verification. Explore the pros and cons of these options.

Credit Union Member Experience Gets a Boost with Voice Authentication

Happy Credit Union Member

Voice authentication is a state-of-the-art tool for improving the credit union member experience in contact centers. Here are several ways voice biometrics help members get what they want from their favorite credit union. 1. Credit Union Members Love Being Recognized Credit unions have always been known for creating a welcoming environment for members. In fact, […]

TruWest Credit Union Contact Center Cuts Member Authentication Time by 84%

Overview Originally founded in 1952 as a cooperative for Motorola employees, TruWest has evolved and expanded through the years to serve a broader range of 93,000 members across communities in Texas and Arizona. This credit union has worked diligently to stay at the forefront of new services and solutions, including being the first CU to […]