Call Center Fraud Prevention

Illuma Shield™ protects credit union member accounts with state-of-the-art call center fraud prevention technology.

Foil Account Takeovers from Fraudsters and Social Engineers

Brand reputation takes a big hit any time there is a breach or fraud. Unfortunately, the answers to normal out-of-wallet questions are becoming more available to fraudsters through social media and data breaches. This will only get worse over time. It’s time to evolve call center fraud prevention for credit unions and community banks.

We help protect community financial institutions (CFIs) and those they serve by reducing the threat of social engineering and account takeovers.

Call Center Managers Confirm Fraud Attempts Are Becoming More Sophisticated

“On some occasions, we would get someone coming through that wasn’t the member. They would do social engineering to discover more of the right answers and then call back and get a different agent.”

Katie Johnson, Contact Center Manager

Illuma Shield™ Helps You Keep Thieves Out of Financial Accounts

This is a seamless, secure solution for protecting members and customers using their own voice.

  • AudioPrints™ capture unique characteristics of voice & device
  • The platform supports total privacy
  • The system provides actionless enrollment and passive verification
  • Real-time authentication occurs during natural conversation

The fraud prevention system is easy to use, making the process frictionless for agents and callers.

Credit unions use Illuma Shield™ for call center fraud prevention.

Agents even have a list of “repeat offenders” because these fraud attempts are so common. Banking contact centers are always looking for ways to stay ahead of fraudsters.

Learn How TruWest Is Using Illuma Shield™ for Call Center Fraud Prevention

Having an AudioPrint™ for each member helps with call center fraud prevention in credit unions.

Every AudioPrint™ Is Unique

Voice biometrics are far better for call center fraud prevention than even the most extensive security questions. It can’t be hacked through typical social engineering.

Generating a false positive that misidentifies someone other than the account holder as a match is extremely difficult, even if you try on purpose. Our clients have tried to beat Illuma Shield by having close relatives with similar voices call in to test the system, and they were all caught by our biometrics matching algorithms.

Our system uses machine learning to continuously improve accuracy, so the need for follow up security questions is reduced even more over time. 

Future Fraud Fighting Feature!

As the library of AudioPrints™ grows, our clients will be able to do fraud tagging to mark repeat offenders. This will make it easier for all agents to shut down fraud attempts faster and avoid mistakes that could lead to an account takeover. In the future, this library of fraudster AudioPrints™ can be shared nationally to protect more consumers.

Improve and Secure the Caller Experience with Illuma Shield™

Our platform helps you bring the brick-and-mortar experience to the contact center in a way that aligns with your brand. It is more than a technology for improving security and reducing fraud, it is a tool for supporting the relationships you’ve worked hard to build.

 Want to see our fraud prevention software in action?