IVR Caller Authentication

Illuma Provides a State-of-the-Art Voice Authentication Solution for Call Centers

IVR Caller Authentication for Banking Self-Service

Illuma Shield™ can offer additional security and convenience for Conversational IVR caller authentication in credit union and community bank contact centers. With streamlined verification, members and customers enjoy easier access whenever they call.


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Offering Around-the-Clock Service Via the Call Center IVR

Contact centers at community financial institutions (CFIs) face an ongoing challenge with persistent high call volume.

  • Fewer in-branch visits mean more members and customers need help over the phone.
  • A shrinking labor pool makes it hard to hire enough agents.
  • An increase in hold times negatively impacts caller experience.
  • Maintaining a personal touch and quality experience is difficult in this environment.

A Conversational Interactive Voice Response system reduces wait times by enabling self-service and offering a more natural way to interact with the system. However, the process of IVR caller identification & verification (IDV) still creates friction. Illuma Shield™ removes this barrier.

Voice Biometrics for Conversational IVR Caller Authentication

The Illuma Shield™ voice authentication solution seamlessly verifies individuals on inbound calls that go through the IVR system. This process takes seconds and happens in the background as the caller responds verbally in a conversational manner to the IVR prompts.

Key Benefits of Voice Authentication + IVR

  • Help callers manage and access their accounts without speaking to an agent.
  • Expedite service and reduce hold times, improving satisfaction.
  • Improve efficiency in contact center operations with a more user-friendly IVR.
  • Make authentication easy with no security questions, passcodes, or PINs.

Recognize Individual Voices 24/7 on Every Call 

Even a state-of-the-art conversational IVR bot can deliver a personal touch by immediately recognizing each members’ voice! Credit unions and community banks are using Illuma Shield to stay ahead of the game on digital transformation. Our software works seamlessly in the background whether callers are talking to a live agent or an IVR system.

Offer your members & customers convenient, frictionless access to their finances with secure voice biometrics from Illuma and around-the-clock Conversational IVR service.