The FinTech Innovation Partner That Listens to YOUR Voice

At Illuma, we’re a nimble and responsive CUSO and FinTech team working hard to accelerate digital transformation by helping credit unions & community banks augment their brand reputation with a modern and seamless end user experience and better account security.

Why Choose Illuma?

  • Our voice authentication system is affordable, quick to deploy, easy to use, and fully supported by our responsive team.
  • We are committed to designing and delivering highly advanced caller verification software that is within reach for community financial institutions (CFIs) that don’t have a “big bank budget.”
  • Credit unions and community banks are our clients, our investors, and our innovation partners for the long term. Partner feedback drives all our new features.

About Us

Illuma Labs, Inc. is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) and R&D company headquartered in Plano, Texas. We deliver real-time voice authentication and fraud prevention solutions for credit unions and community banks through our flagship product, Illuma Shield™.

Our solution has been showcased at multiple premier FinTech events such as FinovateSpring and FinovateFall and won Best in Show at VentureTech. Illuma also won the 2022 Innovation Series in the Member Experience category. We are the exclusive provider for CUNA Strategic Services and have industry endorsements in 34 U.S. states.

What Drives Us


We are committed to separating the signal from the noise to create Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Voice Biometric solutions that are affordable and easy to use for maximum impact on efficiency, security, and experience.


We see technologists, clients, and partners collaborating to create the most effective innovations to solve current and emerging challenges in our complex world.

Excited about collaborating on high-impact innovation?

Meet Illuma’s Leadership

Milind Borkar, PH.D.

Founder & CEO

  • Over 10 years experience in R&D, Marketing & Business Development in high tech
  • Extensive experience leading cross-functional teams and managing worldwide accounts
  • Launched 50+ products

“We love credit unions and community banks and we are huge fans of supporting financial institutions that truly know how to serve their local communities. It is an honor to have the responsibility to keep people connected to their money in a safe, secure, and convenient manner.”

Jeremy Whittington

Co-Founder & CTO

  • 20+ years experience architecting SaaS applications for Fortune 100 companies
  • Designed and deployed multiple systems used across a global computer security software company​
  • Founded two technology startup ventures

“My career started in customer service and that has been a primary driver the past 20 years. It’s exciting to work on technology that can reduce fraud and improve the customer experience at the same time. A rare achievement.”

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