Voice Authentication Solution

Illuma Provides a State-of-the-Art Voice Authentication Solution for Call Centers

Frictionless Voice Authentication for an Easy Contact Center Experience

Illuma Shield™ helps contact centers at credit unions and community banks move callers through the verification process much faster by eliminating the time and friction caused by asking “out of wallet” questions. Our voice authentication solution accomplishes the rare feat of improving contact center operations in three areas:

  • Create a frictionless experience for members and customers
  • Reduce fraud risk far better than security questions
  • Substantially reduce the workload for contact center agents

Recognize Callers on the Phone Like You Would in the Branch

Our proprietary technology continuously analyzes the unique characteristics of the speaker’s voice and calling device using state-of-the-art Signal Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence technologies. In the background of each phone call, we passively create an irreversible AudioPrint™ of the callers’ voice and use it to verify their identity on subsequent calls. This happens during natural conversation without requiring security Q&A or spoken passphrases. 

Now Is the Right Time for Voice Authentication

Enrollment in our system is quick and easy. Callers don’t have to do anything other than say “yes!” and keep talking.

  • No special line members or customers have to call
  • No hold time to get enrolled
  • No password phrase they have to record, repeat, or remember

People even call in proactively to enroll in the program once they hear about it!

High Adoption:

More than 95% of those invited agree to enroll.

How it Works

Contact Center Agents Agree:

Illuma Shield™ Makes Things Easy

This software removes friction and frustration in the authentication process without adding new windows, lots of clicks, or unnecessary data entry during or after the call. The user interface shows up on the agent’s existing screen, so they don’t have to open up a different window.

Illuma Shield™ Voice Authentication Solution Manager Dashboard

The Technology Behind Illuma Shield™

Lean, Budget-Friendly Design and Deployment

  • Lightweight, cloud-based system, requires few resources
  • No high infrastructure or third-party costs
  • Low lift for IT teams, full support for rapid implementation in weeks

Keeps Conversations Private

  • Satisfies stringent privacy and security requirements to protect PII
  • Call content is kept private (e.g., for call centers with on-premise infrastructure, calls are pre-processed on-premise)
  • Only lightweight, proprietary AudioPrints™ are communicated to or stored in the Illuma Cloud

Built for Contact Centers and Self-Service

  • Scales across a range of applications from contact centers to digital assistants
  • Straightforward integration into SIP based telephony systems
  • REST API interface simplifies development and integration into IVR

Real World Results for Our Voice Authentication Solution

Illuma Shield™ works to authenticate voices in seconds without asking annoying security questions that require members to remember or look up answers.  With our initial deployments, we’ve reduced the authentication portion of calls by 80% or more.

How Easy Is It to Implement Voice Authentication Software in Your Contact Center? 

See the typical journey below.

For a better contact center experience

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