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Contact Center Fraud Prevention: Credit Union Voice Biometrics

Credit Union Account Security

With today’s advanced voice biometrics, credit unions can be proactive about contact center fraud prevention and keep members safer from account takeover attempts.  While a fingerprint can unlock an iPhone, it can’t grant access to a member account during a phone conversation with a credit union call center agent. Fortunately, a voice print can. Each […]

Illuma Founder & CEO Panelist in Homeland Security Subcommittee Presentation

Topic: Roundtable Briefing on the Science and Technology Directorate’s Use of the Small Business Innovation Research Program Panelists: Andre Hentz, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Science and Technology, Department of Homeland Security Mark D. Collier, Chief Technology Officer, Securelogix Corporation Dani Charles, Anavation LLC Richard Shockey, Chair, SIP Forum, Shockey Consulting LLC Milind Borkar, Founder […]