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What Credit Unions Need to Know about Generative AI and Voice Cloning

voice cloning

Credit Unions are learning more every day about AI, but there is still a lot of confusion about what it means for the financial sector. Is AI a good thing or a bad thing? What is generative AI and how will it impact credit unions and community banks? What risks does it pose in the […]

Can AI “Deepfake” Software Impersonate a Voice Well Enough to Hack an Account?

deepfake voice

Fraudsters and imposters are always trying to find new ways to overcome the latest security measures. For credit unions and banks that are implementing voice authentication as a better way to protect members from account takeovers, this raises an important question: Can voice synthesis software “Deepfake” a person’s voice well enough to fool voice verification […]

Passwordless Authentication: Basics and Benefits 

passwordless authentication

As technology advances, so do the ways we protect our data and personal information. Traditional passwords and security Q&A methods are no longer as effective as they once were. That’s why many financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, are now doing away with passwords across some or all channels. Let’s look at what passwordless […]

Exploring Call Center Authentication Solutions

Call center authentication solutions

Call center authentication solutions vary from old-fashioned methods like KBA (knowledge-based authentication) to OTP (one-time-passwords) and even state-of-the-art voice verification. Explore the pros and cons of these options.