Frictionless Voice Authentication & Fraud Prevention

What We Do

Protect and Delight Your Members with Seamless Voice Verification

We provide frictionless voice authentication and fraud prevention for credit union contact centers to dramatically improve performance in three areas.

Enhance Member Experience

Reduce Call Handle Times

Increase Account Security

What Credit Unions Are Saying

“We evaluated several solutions to reduce friction in the authentication process at our contact center. Illuma Shield was by far the best. In less than 6 months since launch, over 39,000 TDECU members have enrolled their voiceprints and hundreds of new members are enrolling every day. Our members can’t get over how easy it is to use the system.”

Quaite Dodson, Director of Member Experience

“Our authentication time is less than 15 seconds per call now vs. 90 seconds before we started using Illuma Shield™. We’re seeing a measurable impact on hundreds of calls per day.”

Chris Kearney, CIO

“Feedback from our agents has been 100% positive. It’s easy to use and when they are signing people up, members don’t have to do anything but just say yes.”

Katie Johnson, Contact Center Manager

“As a technologically progressive credit union, we believe voice biometrics will someday be standard in the marketplace. By implementing Illuma Shield™ early, we will be ahead of the curve.”

Craig Stancher, Member Experience Manager

“We found that Illuma Shield™ has the cleanest integration and user experience for credit union members and our team. We look forward to the impact this will have on improving member experience and contact center operations.”

Tony Salse, CTO

“Illuma Shield™ integrated seamlessly with our new call center software. It was a breeze to set up.”

Mike Anderson, VP of Information Systems

Improve and Secure the Member Experience with Illuma Shield™

Illuma Shield™ is our flagship voice biometrics product, built on state-of-the-art Signal Processing, AI, and Machine Learning technologies.

Voice Authentication

Our frictionless voice authentication system works in the background to rapidly and seamlessly validate the identity of callers during contact center conversations.

Fraud Prevention

We help credit unions keep fraudsters at bay and prevent account takeovers with voice biometrics technology that can’t be replicated or fooled.

Unwavering Commitment to Our Partners

Credit unions are our clients, investors, and innovation partners for the long term

Digital Solutions That Are Right Sized for Credit Unions

Our technology is purpose-built for credit unions to be affordable, effective, secure, easy to deploy, and simple to use.

Make Members Feel Welcome on the Phone

Shorter Calls Better Account Security Happier Members