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What Does the Journey to Voice Authentication Look Like?

Voice Authentication Journey Infographic

At Illuma, we work with community financial institutions of all sizes to implement Illuma Shield™ in their contact center. This infographic covers the journey from identifying the key problems to solve all the way through successful deployment and adoption of voice authentication. Note: Our team collaborates with each client throughout the process, and implementation really […]

How to Improve the Emotional Side of Credit Union Member Experience

member experience

In today’s digitally focused world, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the technological side of credit union member experience. Technology is certainly a tool that can be used to influence and enhance the experience members have with their credit union. But the emotional dimension of member experience is WHY digital transformation matters. Let’s […]

Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience in Banking Call Centers

frictionless customer experience

Consumers today have more options than ever before in their choice of credit union or bank. The rise of digital banking has created an entirely new level of expectation around seamless transactions and what it means to be user-friendly. These changes have made it vitally important for financial institutions to create a frictionless customer experience […]

How Do Consumers Feel about Voice Biometric Authentication?

Customer Service rep using voice biometric authentication

Voice biometric authentication trends are showing a positive overall response from consumers. Other types of biometric verification have become commonplace in today’s increasingly digital world. It’s no surprise that call centers and other voice channels are the next major area for adoption of this technology. According to recent research, consumers are eager to accept voice authentication as a convenient and secure way to access their accounts.