Credit Union Member Experience Gets a Boost with Voice Authentication

Deliver a Better Credit Union Member Experience
When members call your credit union contact center, how do you make them feel?

Voice authentication is a state-of-the-art tool for improving the credit union member experience in contact centers. Here are several ways voice biometrics help members get what they want from their favorite credit union.

1. Credit Union Members Love Being Recognized

Credit unions have always been known for creating a welcoming environment for members. In fact, member experience is one of the top reasons people choose a credit union over a big bank. It builds a sense of trust and familiarity when employees can recognize a member’s face and greet them by name when they walk into a local branch.

In contrast, interacting with a credit union contact center can have the opposite effect. Calling in means going through a lengthy and frustrating security Q&A process that requires members to prove who they are every time they call. Voice authentication bridges the gap between in-person and call center conversations, allowing agents to recognize members by innate characteristics.

2. Members Appreciate Saving Time

Answering out-of-wallet questions can take up to 90 seconds before getting down to the real reason for the call. Members often call in because they have a concern or question. Having to answer a string of personal verification queries can add to their frustration. It’s no wonder they view the security process as an obstacle to getting what they need from the conversation.

In the digital age when even a few seconds seems like an eternity, asking members to wade through a minute-and-a-half of red-tape can make even the friendliest call center agent seem less than helpful. Voice authentication can bring the verification portion of the call down to just 14-16 seconds of natural conversation, improving member experience by respecting their time.

3. Credit Union Member Experience Starts with Safety

Members want to know their accounts are secure. They realize that security protocols exist for a reason. It’s important for members to know that fraudsters can’t call and fake their way into an account takeover. However, this doesn’t mean that out-of-pocket questions are the best answer. Members might even be wondering how secure the verification process is with so much personal information being gleaned from social media or sold on the dark web.

They are right to worry. Social engineering is skyrocketing, and credit union call center agents must be continuously on guard against being tricked by repeated fraud attempts. It makes sense to members that voice authentication is much, much harder for criminals to overcome. In fact, voice biometrics represent a significant upgrade from older authentication methods, including PINS and Q&A.

4. Members Are Eager for Emerging Tech

While the financial sector is slow to adopt technology, the typical consumer is ready to jump at any cool new software that can improve their life. Credit union members may not know how their favorite tech works, but they know what they like. From mobile banking apps to AI that helps deliver a personalized experience, they love streamlined, user-friendly interactions that put their comfort first.

By being at the forefront of implementing tech that prioritizes member experience, credit unions have an opportunity to enhance their brand reputation even more. Voice authentication has the potential to improve almost every call center conversation. This makes it stand out as a digital transformation option that is laser focused on value and member impact.

Improve Your Credit Union Member Experience with Illuma

At Illuma, we believe nothing says, “We know our members.” better than voice authentication. This cutting-edge technology brings the warmth of brick-and-mortar interactions into the credit union contact center. Want to learn more about our Illuma Shield™ voice authentication solution? Contact us today for a demo.